Embrace the cold: 3 BIG reasons to Visit Penrith

There are so many amazing things about winter in Penrith, but we’ve managed to compile this into a list of three. So what are you waiting for? Make the most of winter!

1. You can indulge and not feel guilty about it

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That’s right, winter is the best time of year for indulging in whatever way you choose but we can highly recommend shopping and eating (either one at a time, or if you can multitask,  together). There are plenty of places across Penrith where you can easily combine these two passions. Take a stroll down bustling High Street for boutique shops and quirky arcades harbouring hidden treasures, and while you’re there why not sample the delicious offerings of cafes like (but not limited to) Henri Marc (pictured)Cafe Fred, and Mr Watkins.

This is really the season you can freely enjoy comfort food without getting the guilts, (that's what spring is for after all!) so make the most of it now. Even better bring a few friends along!

2. You can enjoy some ‘YOU’ time. Because you totally deserve it.

Winter is long (at least it feels that way) and it’s a season that can be particularly tough on the body, with sickness and germs running rife everywhere leaving everyone feeling tired and run down. You know what - it’s time to do something just for you.

And just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors as there are ample opportunities to get your Vitamin D in Penrith. We know that fresh air is good for the soul so why not try the Great River Walk and enjoy all the sights and sounds of the Nepean River along the way, or head to the Mountain View Reserve for some bird and wildlife spotting. The Nepean Belle Paddlewheeler stays cosy on the inside - another great option to get out and see the sights!

3. You have every right to stay cosy indoors 

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It is still winter after all. So if you’d prefer to spend this month in hibernation we don’t blame you. Stay cosy and warm indoors at one of the bars across Penrith, most have great food and live music. It’s not really such a bad option, I'm sold. It's a great excuse to try out our fancy bars like Marcel (pictured), Alexander's (NEW spot inside Panthers Penrith) and The Flower Shop, if you live under a rock and haven't got there yet! Or hit up our awesome local breweries for a winter warmer.

The Log Cabin features a huge fireplace, perfect to sit by with a coffee. Plus, have you heard about the new venue opening soon? Long's House will be a cosy comfort to try! Stay tuned! 

Penrith has plenty of indoor attractions, check them out if you can't face being outside - there's Narrow Escape Rooms for those up for a challenge, Archie Brothers for a bit of arcade style fun, and Throw Axe or TruNinja to get those limbs moving!

But sometimes it’s just too cold to get out of the car, we hear you, so why not try the Penrith Heritage Drive which allows you to discover the rich history of the region from the comfort of your own car. Download the brochure to find the important historical places across the city, then sit back, turn the warm air-conditioning on and enjoy a scenic drive across Penrith.

Don't hibernate this winter, we've just given you enough reasons not to! For even more check out visitpenrith.com.au 

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