Celebrating our Connection with Japan Exhibition

Exhibition highlighting Penrith City Council’s relationship with its two partner cities in Japan through the shared lens of fire heritage

Learn more about the history of fighting fires and discover fascinating details about Council's partnership with two Japanese cities, Fujieda and Hakusan City (previously Matto), when you visit the Museum of Fire's Celebrating our Connections with Japan exhibition. The display celebrates international friendship and the history of fire appliances. Find out more here.

Celebrating Our Connections with Japan highlights the significant relationships that Council has with its two sister cities in Japan, Fujieda and Hakusan Cities, and the shared appreciation of the history and continued support that fire and rescue services provide. These relationships are exemplified through the cultural objects exchanged in mutual respect between the three cities, shown in the exhibition space, and the ongoing understanding towards the significance of fire safety on an international platform.

The new exhibition provides a space for reflection and a deeper understanding of Penrith City Council’s international network with Japan, as well as informative information on fire safety in Japan and, of course, the history of Penrith, Fujieda and Hakusans’ ongoing relationship.

 Museum admission fee applies.