Tactile is part of the 2018 Autumn Exhibition Suite at Penrith Regional Gallery
Tactile is looking to both explore the physicality of installations – either by touch or by prevented touch – within the gallery environment as a singular temptation for the viewer. The intense need to touch and to quantify material through touch is a huge pull for the gallery audience and the exhibition both challenges and delights their expectations with a show that is as much visually intriguing as physically accessible.
Featuring an array of visual landscapes, playing with material as much as form, PRG is transformed into a new planet. The gallery space is suspended; recreated into a realm of physical possibility and impossibility. This is an environment for people to experience artworks in a way that is most usually denied them.
Image credit (header): Emily Parsons-Lord, The Confounding Leaving 2016, compressed ‘future air’, brass button, high pressure tube with one way valve, cylinder, regulator. Courtesy of the artist


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