The Housing Question Exhibition

Winter Exhibition Suite at Penrith Regional Gallery

Penrith Regional Gallery hosts The Housing Question is an extensive multi-art form exhibition by Helen Grace, Narelle Jubelin, with a contribution by sound artist Sherre Delys. 

Guest-curated by Julie Ewington, and comprising video, photography, sculpture and installation, the exhibition will occupy the entire Gallery. The works in The Housing Question offer a sustained consideration of the complexities of housing and home, safety and security in the two societies where Helen Grace and Narelle Jubelin live, and, by implication, globally.

Through works that examine the intimate experiences of home and family, based on photographic imagery, Grace and Jubelin explore wider social narratives in the contemporary world - what are basic human rights to secure and affordable housing?  What are one’s rights to housing when one is displaced, as hundreds of thousands of people are today? 

The issues canvassed by The Housing Question are still central to contemporary social and political debates.


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