Farnham & Friends - New Year's Eve Special

Fans of Farnham will love this show!

From the moment FALLON hits the stage, it’s hard to believe you are not seeing the real thing. Fans of Farnham love their Johnny and know if their idol isn’t being done justice.

No problem with this amazing tribute to “The Voice”. “Everything we do with this show is about making it as good as Farnham’s show”, Fallon says. From the backing vocalists who sing fantastic duets and solo’s that really enthral audiences, to the larrikin antics and corny jokes they share on stage, also the great sound and lighting production.

“I love the fact that by the end of every show, the audience really feels like they know us personally. Probably the biggest kick for me is when I first come out on stage and see the look of disbelief on people’s faces. That’s priceless! Even the blokes who get dragged along by the missus tell me they had a ball.”

Above and beyond everything else though, Fallon looks, moves, acts and, most of all sounds, so much like John Farnham that you are guaranteed a great time, even if he does do Sadie. Unbelievably, John Farnham has been around for 40years, so his music really cuts across a large age group. “Our show is structured to cater to an audience that wants to see a show, not a rock band,” Fallon says.

So don’t miss Farnham & Friends in EVAN Theatre on New Year’s Eve! Come and join the party and secure your tickets today.

Doors: 7:30pm, Show 8pm
Tickets $27.30


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