Grace Under Pressure CANCELLED


Health professionals are with us when we’re born, and they’re with us when we die. They devote their lives to caring for us, but how do we care for them? Can a doctor or nurse give a patient the best possible care if he or she hasn’t slept for days? What if they’re also being bullied or sexually harassed at work? What if they complain about having to work excessive hours, but are told to stop whinging and suck it up? How do they cope with the pressure?

Based on interviews with doctors and nursing staff, Grace Under Pressure invites a conversation about these often taboo issues. The audience is invited to peek behind the scenes of this fascinating industry. You may be shocked at what you find.

Audience info | Occasional coarse language | Challenging content warnings – includes descriptions of sexual harassment in the workplace, a description of a suicide attempt, and descriptions of surgical procedures.

Join the writers and cast after the 2pm matinee for deeper insights into the production.


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