Hamlet : Prince of Skidmark

A Badaptation of the Bard Created by Richard Higgins, Matt Kelly and Declan Greene

Join the maestros of children’s comedy, The Listies, as they head to The Joan for the very first time these Winter School Holidays to bring you their multi award-winning, side-splitting badaptation of Shakespeare’s classic play.

Cheeky, clever, utterly irreverent and made especially for children, this is the Bard as you never imagined possible! In true Listies style, the hilarious duo has pulled apart Hamlet and glued it back together with hilarious costumes, silliness and plenty of interactivity.

Hamlet is already full of things children love in a good story: ghosts, castles, sword fights, bodily fluids and spooky stuff. Add to the mix some super-sonic gags and expertly timed stage magic unlike anything kids have seen before and you have a brilliantly disguised Shakespearean tragedy for the whole family!

And that’s not all…expect bonus pillow fights, pirates, ninjas, ninja pirates, aliens, ninja pirate aliens, zombies and a bunch of other hilarious stuff as The Listies take kids and their adults on a fun-filled hour of theatre. The only thing we can be sure of is that everyone dies at the end – including the audience!

A perfect introduction to Shakespeare and theatre for children, this production will captivate the young and young at heart.

Suitable for: Ages 5+ and their families
Groups: Suitable for Vacation Care and Home School Groups, aged 5+ and their supervisors