Shut Your Eyes and Think of England

Classic British sitcom at Henry Lawson Theatre

When Mr. Pullen comes to the office on a Saturday, he's astonished to find his employer, Sir Justin Holbrook, in the penthouse with a call girl. Lady Holbrook arrives and Sir Justin passes the girl off as the second Mrs. Pullen.

A rich Arab sheik is expected and England's fate depends on Holbrook signing an agreement with him, but Holbrook suddenly collapses and Pullen has to impersonate him.

The arrival of the real Mrs. Pullen and others, leads to a maze of confused identities.

Classic situation comedy at its best.

The Henry Lawson Theatre has ninety comfortable seats and produces five, sometimes six shows per year. This small community based theatre attached to The Henry Lawson Sports Club.

Performance times:

Friday 14, 21, 28 September 8pm

Saturday 15, 22 & 29 September  8pm

Saturday 15 & 22  September  2pm



No upcoming occurrences.