Annual Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships

Great to watch! Free entry for spectators.

The Australian Open Indoor Skydiving Championships is on again!

This championship event will be hosted by iFLY Penrith and will be the biggest indoor skydiving tunnel in the Southern Hemisphere!

Flyers of all levels are welcome to take part or come along to watch all the action! The internationally recognised event is the largest indoor skydiving competition in the Southern Hemisphere, and the qualifier for Australians to participate in the World Cup.

International competitors will find the Aussies hard to beat when flying superstars like 12-year-old Gold Medal Junior Freestyler Amy Watson, and the Asia Pacific vertical formation skydiving record holders, Team Focus are confirmed to compete.

It's such a unique sport and that's what captivates people. You can improve to the point where it feels like you literally defy gravity and the more people become engaged in it, the more addicted they get.

- Formation Skydiving (Rookie, A, AA, AAA)
- Vertical Formation Skydiving (Open)
- Dynamic Flying (2-way Inter, 2-way Open, 4-way Open)
- Freestyle (Inter, Open)


Video Transcript

Enter into the iFly building at Panthers and up stairs past a banner which reads Indoor Skydiving championships and then to the tunnel where there are indoor skydivers doing tricks.

Shows footage from the 2018 Event.



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