Cherie Barbers Renovation Riches Tour

See internationally renowned renovation educator Cherie Barber live!

You’ve seen her on your TV screens as Australia’s undisputed Renovating For Profit expert, now come and see internationally renowned renovation educator Cherie Barber live.

Born into an ordinary working-class family in Sydney’s western suburbs, Cherie was removed from school at the end of Year 10 to help support her financially-struggling family.

Her love for renovation was discovered as a child, where she would spend hours sitting next to her dad on his earthmoving tractor. In 1991, aged just 22, Cherie bought her first low budget, unrenovated property and cosmetically flipped it for a profit.
26 years on and more than 100 successfully completed renovation projects later, Cherie has the formula for rapid cosmetic renovations down to a fine art.

Now you can join thousands of Australians to learn some of the secrets to Cherie’s proven strategy that returns profitable renovations time and time again and hear more about Cherie’s incredible story that eventually lead to success.


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