Penrith Regional Gallery School Holiday Workshops

Participants will have fun in workshops inspired by the current exhibition

Join in the fun at the Penrith Regional Gallery during the school holidays!

Penrith Regional Gallery’s School Holiday Workshops are a great, relaxed opportunity to get the kids creative and socialising during the school holidays. All kids need to do is wear old clothes and  bring a snack. All art materials are supplied. Adults don’t pay but do stay. Bookings essential. 

Theme: Use words, letters, numbers and symbols to give graphic drama and meaning to your art - add some simple colour theory and make eye catching works that pop off the page. All skill levels welcome. All materials supplied. Wear old clothes and bring a snack. 

Describing You Portrait Workshop
Monday 20 January | 10am - 12pm | Ages 9 - 12 | $30
Create a cool, crazy or carefully designed self-portrait using words that describe you. Add a colourful background using watercolour splashes and funky pastel designs.

One Colour, Two Colour, Three Colour, Four Painting Workshop
Monday 20 January | 10am - 12pm | Ages 5 - 8 | $30
Roll the dice to create a secret four-digit code and use this
as the start of your carefully designed watercolour painting. The final artwork will be framed and ready to hang up.

Name Plates Clay Workshop
Tuesday 21 January | 10am - 12pm | Ages 7 - 10 | $30
Sculpt, carve and mould clay into tiny letters and symbols before piecing them together onto a clay tile. Display the finished product on your desk or bookcase at home.

Where's Wordy? Collage Workshop
Wednesday 22 January | 10am - 12pm | Ages 5 - 8 | $30
In this workshop participants use fabric, textured paper and newspaper to create a layered landscape before hiding secret code words within the artwork. Final artworks will be framed and ready to hang.

Animate Don't Discriminate Animation Workshop
Thursday 23 January | 10am - 12pm | Ages 9 - 12 | $30
Develop your animation skills in our specially designed workshop using the Gallery iPads. Participants learn skills about speed, stretching and bouncing as we construct a short animation centred around slogans. Animations will be emailed to participants.

More Than Texting Drawing Workshop
Thursday 23 January | 10am - 12pm | Ages 13 - 16 | $30
Have fun in the art studio as you discover how to create the illusion of 3-dimensional form and light by using letters, numbers and symbols in graphite, Texta and ink.

Family ABC Collage Workshop
Friday 24 January | 10am - 11am | Ages 3+ | $12
Come along on a discovery trail to find letters and textures in the gallery then head to the studios to create a colourful alphabet artwork.



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