Roadsmart 1 - Motorcycle Track Course

Best for: L-platers, P-platers, Returning Riders, Nervous Riders

Half Day Course, on your own bike at Luddenham Raceway.

Track-based, road-focused. A car-free environment to work on your skills. The first step to riding smart on the road.

The first of three road-skill focused courses, the four hour SU Roadsmart 1 expands the skills – both mental and physical – your journey through the licencing courses introduced you to. SU Roadsmart 1 allows you to build your seat-time in a car-free environment and with our experienced coaches. If you have recently acquired your licence, are returning to riding or are fully licenced but lack confidence, this is the course for you. If you are the nervous friend or family member of a new rider, this is the perfect antidote, too! Gift vouchers available. 

There is zero pressure on you to ride at any pace other than the one you are comfortable with, but we will work with you on road-focused cornering technique. We will show you how using Roadcraft properly can make your ride infinitely more enjoyable – knowledge SU has developed since 1981. We help you develop your braking technique and your confidence in using them, show you how to use your vision to reduce your risk and the opportunity to practice it all at a realistic road speed.

The half-day format makes it easier to digest the new information, but still leaves plenty of riding time.


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