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Poetry Creative Conversations - 18 August 2022

Provincial Poets and the Making of a Nation

This talk aims to rediscover, document and analyse prominent regional voices swept aside by the powerful forces constructing national identity in nineteenth-century France. This provides a more positive view of provincialism and challenges the division between central and peripheral cultures.

Dr Valentina Gosetti’s work leads to a more inclusive and representative literary canon and highlights a new awareness of the crucial role of regional poets and poetry. She uses a new ‘transregional’ theoretical framework to revalue the potential of locality and place. Additionally, she provides a wealth of novel evidence in support of public debates aimed at bridging the urban-rural divide in Australia, France and beyond.

Poetry Creative Conversations - The Joan


Visualising The Past, Envisioning the Future: Using Immersive Technologies to Explore Art and Culture - 14 September

Dr Andrew Yip will explore how digital technologies such as virtual reality worlds, immersive visualisation and interactive exhibitions can be used to protect and preserve important works of art and culture.

You’ll learn how artists and researchers use technologies such as 3D scanning and particle accelerator imaging to interpret the past, as Andrew applies these techniques to the works of Australian modernist artists Margel Hinder and Sidney Nolan. How might new generations of students learn the skills to build communities of artists and citizen scientists interested in cultural heritage?

This talk will offer an exploration of possibilities for the future.

Visualising the past, envisioning the future: using immersive technologies to explore art and culture - The Joan


Music of World War II - 21 September 2022

Andy Bromberger

World War II was the first conflict to take place in the age of mass electronically distributed music.

Radios were bought en mass throughout America, England and Europe. Never before could a single song, sung by a single performer be listened to by so many; across countries and on different sides of the war. Music was seen as part of the propaganda machine to encourage those fighting and reassure those at home.

Music was also used in concentration camps by inmates as a way to try and normalise their lives and express their suffering but also as a form of humiliation by the Nazis.

Music of World War II - The Joan


Weaving and Yarning Creative Conversations - 29 September 2022

Yarning Online OnCountry – Kurrapurra Pila

In 2020, Bourke Elders began weaving and yarning via zoom. They used raffia and other purchased materials but were keen to work with the broad range of materials that have traditionally been used for weaving – they were very aware that the Cultural Knowledge around caring for, harvesting, and weaving with those materials could potentially be lost.

This talk explores how weaving and yarning are used by communities to share knowledge and skills enabling the transference of Cultural Knowledge between Elders and extended family. Dr Lorina Barker also details how this activity moved online during the pandemic as the Community responded to the pandemic. Aboriginal Elders and Knowledge Holders, as well as younger people, from Bourke, Brewarrina, Weilmoringle, Enngonia, Goodooga and Wilcannia contribute to this project that connects people, the river, the spiny sedge and weaving techniques to the Mura (Songlines).

Weaving and Yarning Creative Conversations - The Joan


Musical Neoclassism: Everything Old is New Again

Dr Paul Smith

Within the broad world of classical music, the classical period refers to compositions and composers from the 18th century. At its inception, classical music was governed by looking backwards, taking inspiration from the time of antiquity and Ancient Greece.

In the early 20th century, ideals of classicism were again favoured by composers who were seeking a retreat from the indulgent and heavily layered sounds of late romanticism. Moving forward to the last 20 years, we’ll explore music that has found its newness in adapting ideas of old – again, looking backwards to find something fresh. This talk will focus on the music of Dobrinka Tabakova, Ottorino Respighi, Sergei Prokofiev, and Maddalena Sirmen.

Musical Neoclassicism: everything old is new again - The Joan


Theatre Creative Conversations - 24 November 2022

Something Rich and Strange: Adapting Historical Lives for the Stage

What are the ethics of creating theatre based on the lives of real people? From the records of Irish female convicts to the private diary of an orphan in war-torn Italy, join our panel of PhD researchers as they discuss the ethical challenges and exciting opportunities of adapting historical lives for the stage.

Theatre Creative Conversations - The Joan


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