Where In The World?: Drama Workshops for Ages 5 – 8

July School Holidays at The Joan

Journey through the most exciting places in our world and beyond in these themed drama workshops for young artists aged 5 – 8.

Blending storytelling, role-playing, and creative expression, join us to discover the magic of the natural world and ignite your passion for exploration.

The day includes:

Journey to the Wild (9am – 11am)
Step into savannahs and rainforests to imagine how your favourite animals act in their natural habitats.

Lost in Outer Space (11:30am – 1:30pm)
Venture beyond our planet and encounter astronauts, aliens, and other characters that are out of this world.

Underwater Tales (2pm – 4pm)
Explore the stories of the oceans filled with mermaids, pirates and sea creatures in this interactive session.

Book an all-day package to all three workshops to receive a sizeable discount. Tickets can also be purchased individually to the different workshops.

Full Day: 7 hours (Including two 30-minute breaks) – Supervision will be provided between all workshop sessions.
Individual Workshops: 2 hours each.


Past Event - No Futures dates planned at this time.