Park runs in the Penrith Area

Park runs In the Penrith Area

Parkrun is sweeping the nation, they are all over and "Park run tourists" are more than welcome to attend Parkruns in the Penrith area. 

Check the parkrun's pages for updates or event cancelations before travelling. 

Three young women in jogging gear on Nepean River Parkrun

Nepean River Parkrun

02 July 2022 (+ 26 more dates)

It's a 5km run - you against the clock!

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Group of runners

Penrith Lakes Parkrun

02 July 2022 (+ 4 more dates)

Its you against the clock! 5km Event

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Bridge in park

Werrington Lakes Reserve Parkrun

02 July 2022 (+ 26 more dates)

It is a 5km run - it's you against the clock

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