The Ultimate Entertainment Destination

What's In the Box this month:

Crazy Carts - Ever wanted to drift like a D1 driver then come test your skills and let's see. leanr some new skills and look cool doing it.

Nerf Wars - It's war time at Wow Box this month so bring your A-game and your trigger finger. We have Nerf and X blast guns to shoot your enemies in our amazing obstacle filled war field with monster trucks and other cool things that only wow box would supply.

How it Works:

Let us surprise you with some new smiling chaos every 6 weeks. Think excitement think Wow Box.

Members Vote on our Facebook pole for what's next.

Book online to ensure your place as space fills quickly.

What's in the Wow Box this week may not mean it's in the box next week, we love anticipation and surprises!!


We love the excitement of new fresh and as some call it FAD entertainment.

WOW BOX is the surprise entertainment that the community needs. We leave you guessing about what's coming next but we also let you have some say what you want by our online voting poles. What's in the box???


62 Batt Street
123 Mulgoa Road
Penrith NSW 2750

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