Mandesa Florist Cafe

Inhale the scent of beautiful blooms and aromatic coffee while dining on healthy far

This concept café in Sydney's western suburbs, blends creative flowers and plants with Mediterranean inspired cuisine in green leafy surrounds, well worn brick and midnight blue feature walls to set a zen like vibe for breakfast and lunch dining.

Sit back with a Reuben Hills cappuccino and be tempted by brioche French toast with pistachios, berries, lemon cream and maple syrup; or smashed avocado on sourdough, with feta, poached eggs and sumac - while lunchgoers can delve into the likes of grilled baby octopus, couscous salad, garlic, lemon and chilli oil.

For a cool drink, try a watermelon burst frappe with lime and honey, or choco-nut crunch smoothie.


Mandesa Florist Cafe
48 Derby Street
Kingswood NSW 2747

02 4789 2642

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