The Ideal Home

Summer exhibition at Penrith Regional Gallery

The Ideal Home presents a history of the 20th century Australian home told through household objects, furniture and design classics from the Museum of Arts And Sciences Collection.

For much of the 20th century Australia enjoyed one of the highest rates of home ownership in the world. This situation emerged following the landmark ‘Harvester Judgement’ of 1907, which enshrined a ‘living wage’, and enabled ordinary workers to purchase a home and support a family.

Post war affluence, technology, mass manufacturing and the ready availability of goods, created both a consumer base and desire. In this setting, suburbs grew and homes became our castles. Australians enthusiastically adopted international trends in architecture, interior furnishings and design. Labour saving devices liberated us from domestic drudgery and increased the time available for leisure. Indoors and outdoors Australians aspired to a lifestyle centred upon the comfort, style, amenity and function of the home.  See more of The Ideal Home including modernist design and artworks at MAAS Powerhouse, Ultimo.

Image credit: Eliza Gosse, Ancher on River Road


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