Hand crafted Paper Making Workshop

Recycle & Reuse

Paper making sustainability is at the forefront of people’s minds today.

We all love the look & feel of homemade paper.

Kathy Kai with will show you how to recycle your paper waste to create unique and beautiful pieces of paper that have character, texture, style and colour. You can also add oils for smells if you wish.

Once we dry the paper we will move onto to putting together the papers to create your writing journal.

You will be inspired as recycled paper gives that extra charm to making your own wedding invites, cards, tags and more.  Who says paper is dead.  Paper is more than just something to write on, its an art-form in itself. You will enjoy the creative process just as much as the end product - be that a journal or beautiful papers to write notes or beautiful handwritten letters.

Paper making equipment and ingredients are all provided for this workshop. You will also receive Instruction notes and paper sheets are for participants to take home.


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