Kokedama Workshop

Hands-on creativity – creating Kokedama

This Kokedama workshop is always sold out, so don’t delay booking your ticket. Join us for some hands-on creativity with this very popular workshop – creating Kokedama. You can also now grab your fave vino  and some nibbles - and bring it along with you! We will happily supply the glasses for you!

Kokedama has been said to have originated in Japan ‘Koke’ meaning moss and ‘dama’ meaning ball, the moss ball is an adaption of the authentic Bonsai. These Kokedama sculptures are a display of indoor and outdoor beauty that can be considered an extraordinary piece of ‘Art and Nature’ wrapped in moss and held together by string.

The presenter Kathy Kai will take you through a hands-on workshop to make your Kokedama plant balls. You will be encouraged to bring out your creative side as we share with you how to choose quality plants, what essential materials you need to create your Kokedama and techniques to ensure your Kokedama lives a long healthy life.

Everything you create is yours to take home to hang as your new uplifting creative display.

What you will learn:
• Basic principles of making a Kokedama
• How to make a breathtaking Kokedama for your home
• Essential materials for making a Kokedama
• Everything you need to know about keeping your Kokedama healthy and happy
• Types of enriching soils that can be used for your Kokedama
• How to fertilise and water your Kokedama ball

All Materials will be provided for this workshop

What you get to take home:
• Your 2x Kokedama plant balls
• Plant care notes
• Goodie bag

Who can do this amazing Kokedama workshop?
This workshop is for anyone who likes to get their hands dirty! No previous knowledge needed.


Starts: 19 November 2021 - 06:00 AM
Ends: 19 November 2021 - 08:00 AM

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