Roadsmart 2 - Motorcycle Track Course

A must-do course for all road riders

Track based, road focused, on your own bike at at Luddenham Raceway.

Best for: Anyone who rides on the road, including P-platers, Returning Riders, Experienced Road Riders – if you have a motorcycle licence, this course is for you. Blends Roadcraft with physical skills. Lots of riding time, including follow sessions! Cornering, braking, bike control, posture, vision. 

SU Roadsmart 2 is the pillar of riding smart on the road. Making yourself seen, cornering lines that work when sharing the road with traffic, creating space around you – these skills are essential when commuting, touring, and enjoying your road registered bike. But how do you merge these mental skills with the physical skills you need to complement your riding? We show you how. This course also develops your braking, cornering and the all-important posture, to help you get more comfortable with your bike and what it can do. We also spend the afternoon carrying out Follow Sessions – one of our coaches following you to give you detailed feedback on your riding and how you can improve it.

SU Roadsmart 2 is track-based so you can learn without the hazards of on-coming traffic, but road-focused so it can take you to a new level of self-protection when riding, leaving more room for having fun on the bike! 

All Roadsmart 2 Courses at Luddenham Raceway (NSW) include morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and water, tea and coffee!


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