Winbourne - Edmund Rice Centre

Encompassing the traditions of Edmund Rice Retreat and Conference Centre

A place surrounded by gentle hills and beautiful trees and situated at the foothills of the Blue Mountains, it has provided a retreat from the noise and pollution of Sydney while at the same time being conveniently close to Penrith and some busy highways.

As a Retreat and Conference Centre it attracts many groups diverse in age and purpose, many of whom return each year . They do so because the sights and sounds of the flora and fauna induce reflectiveness, and guests are relaxed by the hospitality of the place, the quality of the catering and facilities, are thus enabled to immerse themselves in their various intellectual, spiritual or physical pursuits.

Winbourne has two styles of accommodation - the Cottages and the Main Accommodation Building.

There are three cottages, each containing eight twin share rooms (16 beds per cottage) with a maximum occupancy of 48 guests over the three cottages on a twin share basis.

Each room has two single beds and an ensuite bathroom. Each cottage has one room with disabled access.

The Main Accommodation building is two storeys and has 11 rooms on each floor sleeping up to 90 guests.


1315 Mulgoa Road
Mulgoa NSW 2745

02 4773 5555

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