Jetpack Adventures

Fly through air and water using the James Bond inspired Jetpack or Flyboard!

Jetpack is the world's first water powered device which propels you up, up and away!

Inspired by James Bond, the Jetpack is a backpack unit that you are strapped to by a five point safety harness (similar to race cars). Water is propelled from the powered unit, into a twenty metre hose which is forced into two jet nozzles on the Jetpack and lifts you above the water.

The Jetpack Adventures instructors will provide you with training before you get in the water and they can also talk to you through your 007-style Headzone communication helmet during the flight. Or you can just throw on your superhero theme song whilst you fly!

You're in control of the action the entire time, using both hand controls to steer left and right as well as up and down - it's that easy.

Jetpack Adventures have recently launched the Flyboard as well - so you can choose to try the Jetpack, Flyboard or both!

Pilots need to be over sixteen and not afraid of water or getting their face wet. Weight restrictions apply, spectators welcome. 

Checkout the Jetpack Adventures website for more information about the Jetpack experience, videos and to make a booking.

Bookings essential.


Sydney International Regatta Centre - Gate A
Old Castlereagh Road
Cranebrook NSW 2749

1300 538 538

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