Luddenham Raceway Paintball

Get your adrenaline pumping at Luddenham Raceway's Paintball

Luddenham Raceway 's Paintball features four spacious state of the art paintball fields. 

Each field has been specifically designed to provide a fun, interesting and unique paintball experience.

There is a variety of games to be played on each themed field with missions that lead players from one field to the next.

Field 1: The Tournament Field - Features an artificial grass playing field with Tournament Grade Inflatable Competiton Barriers.

Field 2: The Lost City - It Features a rugged, urban inspired playing space and includes a 60 seater bus and an abandoned train carriage.

Field 3: The Base Camp - An Army Base Camp set up on an abandoned wasteland inspired landscape and includes a N7-212 Wessex Helicopter and Black Rebel Assault van.

Field 4: The Rebel Headquaters - Features a Post-Apocalyptic inspired playing field and includes a purposely constructed Container Terminal full of hair raising twists and turns to navigate.

Bookings essential. 


Luddenham Raceway Paintball
821 - 849 Luddenham Road
Luddenham NSW 2750

02 9834 2366

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