Brisket Boys

Barbequing together...American Style

When Brisket Boys customers invest in the food experience, the Brisket Boys want them to know that they are trying authentic barbecue. The smoked meats are fuelled by Ironbark; serving sizes are consistent and generous, and the service is genuine and engaging.

The Brisket Boys enable a food coma that will have you snoring contentment, your dreams stoking the flames for your next visit to their American BBQ in Penrith... if that's what you are after!

It's not fast food. Instead, 'Low and Slow' (12 hours plus) is the cooking philosophy, where commitment and passion rank well above quick and easy. 'Good things come to those who... enjoy brisket!'. 

So whether your first brisket experience is dining at Brisket Boys or, you're obsessed and will travel the globe for your barbecue fix; The boys welcome you to come and join their community in the Brisket Boys experience.

On site at Manufactor


2115 Castlereagh Road
Penrith NSW 2750

0428 902 765

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