Simple and authentic Italian food is the GellaFrenda way.

GellaFrenda hit all the right notes for good Italian feasting. Pizza’s are light and airy, with a nod to the traditional – flavour packed and minimal toppings. That way you can appreciate every mouthful and ingredient.

Pasta’s range from a robust ragu to an olive oil and saffron slicked vongole offering. Pause your fork twirling and tuck into hearty fare including beautifully prepared meat dishes.

No good Italian meal exists without wine. The GellaFrenda cellar has a dazzling array of  noteworthy international and local wines to compliment your dishes.

Bright, sparkly, luscious or intense – there will be a wine to match your mood, craving and occasion. Good wine equals good times.

Here’s the scoop. Decadent and world class gelato ready to be devoured from artisan gelato producers, Ciccone & Sons. Small batch and produce driven, the gelato is made from Australian raw ingredients, fresh fruit, whole nuts and the best milk and cream. The flavours on offer are delicate and pure ranging from the traditional pistachio to an earthy black sesame. 

Enjoy dolce after dark with quite literally the coolest gelato in the West.


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