Hux Ribs Snax Schnitzels

You'd think the name says it all... but it's not it all!

We’ve all been waiting for Penrith local Jay Huxley (who some may remember from his time on Masterchef) to return to his hometown and open something new and amazing. His new dine in and takeaway offering Hux Ribs Snax Schnitzels has been worth the wait.

An easy guess is that ribs and schnitzels are the speciality here and you’re not wrong. There’s pork, lamb, chicken and beef options to choose from and a selection of sauces which is almost as big as the menu. There’s also an impressive range of quick bites including haloumi chips, brisket, calamari and twice-cooked pork belly, just to name a few.

What’s even more exciting is that half of the menu items are gluten free and for something a little healthier there’s naked nuggets, Asian slaw and sweet potato chips.

Unexpectedly Hux Ribs Snax Schnitzels is creating waves in the dessert space with their deep fried brownie, ice cream sandwich and assortment of shakes. But it’s the Deep Fried Nutella Sandwich that has everyone talking (in between mouthfuls) and we recommend you join the conversation as soon as possible.


Hux Ribs Snax Schnitzels
390 High Street
Penrith NSW 2750

0410 477 413

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