Kickin' Inn

Seafood Dining Experience

At Kickin’Inn they prefer not to give any plates or cutlery because you eat right from a seafood bag from the table and with your hands. Don’t worry they will provide bibs and gloves (and of course, cutlery if requested).

A home-grown brand, Kickin’Inn aims to deliver best seafood. They offer a wide range of seafood cooked to perfection that will make your taste buds tingle with joy.

If you’re new to Kickin’inn, let us introduce you to our absolute menu showstoppers, the Mixed Bag®, the Kickin’Licious, and the Kickin’Classic. If you’ve never been to Kickin’Inn before you’re probably wondering what products you see on everyone’s social media posts. Well, you can stop wondering because we can confidently tell you that it’s one of these 3 delicious bags. The Mixed Bag®, Kickin’Licious, and Kickin’Classic are our fan favourites for a great reason. Each contains a variety of different seafood mixed with potatoes in a choice of our signature sauces. All three bags are designed to feed 2-3 people, perfect for sharing with friends or family on a night out or for a quick lunch


Kickin' Inn
261 Mulgoa Road
Jamisontown NSW 2750

02 9189 0278

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