Llandillo Farm Fresh Eggs

Buy farm fresh eggs direct from the farm gates.

Farm fresh eggs sold by a local family business established in 1963. Eggs collected and packed daily, and sold directly from the farm ensuring freshness and high quality.

Llandilo Farm Fresh Eggs was established in 1963, with 13000 birds providing eggs that are of the highest standard with the best taste, nutrition and quality. They are a family dedicated to provide the most nutritious eggs to all customers. All their birds are healthy, well treated and well fed ensuring that the eggs are top notch.

LLandillo Farm Fresh Eggs sell tasty, fresh, eggs to the Greater Sydney region. They have plenty of land and the farm provides the birds love and ample space to interact and socialise every day.

Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm 
(Closed on Sundays)


Llandillo Eggs
360 Ninth Avenue
Llandillo NSW 2747

02 4777 4059

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