Lonestar Rib House and Brews

A good ol' fashioned dose of Southern hospitality

Immerse yourself in the Wild West experience and enjoy slow cooked, glazed ribs, juicy steaks, schnitzels with toppers, burgers, tex-mex and much more!

Mosey on down to Lone Star Rib House to be treated to dose of good ol’ fashioned hospitality, where the smiles are as wide as the sky and the flavours are bigger than Texas.

After a “howdy yawl’ from our team, you can rest yourselves awhile with the menu and we’ll rustle up your refreshments.

They’ll crack the whip on some mighty fine vittles, from Big Ribs drowning in Texas butter (gravy) to the biggest ever Chili Dogs, topped with sauce of your choice. There’s fire breathing to hot as hell. Or you might wanna try the famous Ol’ Dave Burgers, topped with a slice of overland trout (bacon) or extra skunk eggs (onions).

Just make sure you don’t go belly up before desert, cause there’re fixin’ to give you a mighty fine time. 

That’s what there’re all about at Lone Star Rib House, Texan Congeniality served up with a smile as wide as a mile.

At the Tench Avenue Restaurant Precinct "The East Bank"  along the Great River Walk, and opposite the Nepean River, the restaurant strip is already a favourite destination of locals and visitors.


Lonestar Rib House and Brews
78 - 88 Tench Avenue
Penrith NSW 2750

02 4721 1516

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