Premium Steaks & Premium Wines

OSSO is a destination for connoisseurs of meat, those that understand that the flavour of the meat you eat tonight starts long before their award winning chef creates your dish.

It starts in the paddock, with the right feed, the right environment, controlled conditions to breed the perfect animal that is then handled with respect and dignity by professional butchers to ensure that the product they use is of the highest possible quality.

Only then can your meal be turned into something memorable.

Osso call it 'gate to plate' and trust you will enjoy the quality and taste the difference.

The menu has something for everyone, from slow cooked beef short rib, to the chicken breast supreme, whatever your tastes, Osso have you covered.  

Osso also has an extensive wine list sourced from the best regions across the country.

Lunch | 12pm - 3pm 7 days

Dinner | from 5:30pm 7 days, Closes 9pm Sunday, 9:30pm Monday to Thursday and 10pm Friday and Saturday.


Penrith Panthers
123 Mulgoa Road
Penrith NSW 2750

02 4720 5588

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