Sun Masamune Sake Brewery

Australia's first and only sake brewery.

Sun Masamune Go-Shu Australian Sake Factory is Australia's only sake brewery. Sun Masamune produces high quality sake which is sold throughout Australia and even exported to Japan.

Take a tour of the factory and learn how this ancient beverage is produced. Taste the sake, purchase something from the cellar door or try out the beautiful skin care range they produce.

Sake is an alcoholic beverage originating in Japan. It is produced from rice in much the same way that beer is brewed from wheat and barley, but it is termed a rice wine because its alcohol content is similar to grape wines. In short, sake is brewed like a beer, but is served and enjoyed like a fine wine.

Sake is great for mixing in cocktails too! For cocktail ideas using sake, visit the website and as the saying goes...'Sake can be enjoyed either mixed or alone, but preferably not on your own!'

  • Monday-Friday 10am-4pm
  • Closed weekends


Sun Masamune Sake Brewery
29 Cassola Place
Penrith NSW 2750

02 4732 2833

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