The Savoury Dining

A fusion between Modern Australian and Vietnamese French dishes

The Savoury Dining was founded by 2 brothers of like-minded foodies. They have always like to eat, drink and enjoy amazing food together. Their hobby quickly led them to opening this restaurant, a place where people from all over Australia can meet to enjoy our food and relax in a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.

At The Savoury Dining, they are focused on two key principles: quality, service, and value for money. They have two main business models, both of which are unique and interesting. The breakfast and lunch menu is made up of a fusion between Modern Australian and Vietnamese French dishes, whilst at dinner, we completely transform and introduce traditional dishes from the very root of Vietnam. Their grandmothers and mothers have always worked hard in the kitchen to create quality meals and now we would like to introduce these dishes to the wider community but with a modern twist. At The Savoury Dining they believe everyone deserves to eat well and feel good and and they believe their food provides this.

​Freshness and creativity are the favorite ingredients. The menu is varied and the service is unmatched. If you’re looking for a superb culinary experience, call them today to make a reservation!


The Savoury Dining
405-411 High Street
Penrith NSW 2750

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