Astronomy Night

The Western Sydney University Observatory holds astronomy nights on various topics...

Regular Astronomy Nights include a presentation, short 3D movie and viewing of the night sky through a range of telescopes (weather permitting).

Saturday 22 September 7pm – 9pm : 
Astronomy Night: From Chaos to Cosmos: How the Ancient Greeks saw the Universe
Speaker – Dr Chris Matthew
Every ancient culture gazed up into the night sky and tried to understand what they were seeing. Yet despite this widespread form of enquiry across history, the foundations of modern astronomy are predominantly Greek in origin. Even the very word ‘astronomy’ is Greek. This presentation examines what some of the ancient Greeks did to not only understand the what they observed in the heavens, but also the ways in which some of the conclusions reached by the ancients Greeks are very ‘modern’ in terms of understanding our place in the universe.

Includes presentation, short 3D movie, tour of the dome and viewing of the night sky through a range of telescopes (weather permitting).

Friday 5 October : Hands On Workshop Rockets: Ms Raelene Sommer

Saturday 6 October 7pm – 9pm 
Astronomy Night - Public Astronomy Night: Stars, Supernova, & the Size of the Universe. Speaker – Dr Luke Bozzetto. Explore the lifecycle of stars, from their birth all the way to their deaths - in some cases the cataclysmic explosion known as a supernova. Followed by a journey through the Universe - starting from our position on Earth we will explore our surroundings by travelling outward to gain some perspective of the vast space that we live in.

Saturday 20 October 8pm – 10pm
Astronomy Night : New Worlds
We have now known about the existence of planets around other stars for almost a quarter-century. We've found planets with two suns, planets a bit like the ones we know, and planets very different to anything we've seen in our own Solar System. Dr Nick Tothill will talk about some of the planets out there, and how we get to find out about them.

Saturday 3 November 8pm – 10pm : Astronomy Night 

Saturday 17 November 8pm – 10pm : Astronomy Night 

Saturday 1 December 8pm – 10pm : Astronomy Night 

Cost for Public Astronomy Programs: 

$18.00 Adult 
$12.00 Child/Concession 
$50.00 Family (2 adults + 2 children)
Children under 3 years of age free.

All public visits must be booked and prepaid online.