Family Fishing

'Catch and Release' family fishing with barbless hooks every Tuesday at the Regatta Centre.


Get hooked on Family Fishing. Bring your friends or family, or simply join the 'fishing family' at the Sydney International Regatta Centre for 'catch and release' fishing with barbless hooks. You can fish every Tuesday from 9am-5pm (subject to the needs of other major events). Check the SIRC event calendar for changes. 

Learn about responsible 'catch and release' practices at the scenic Penrith Lakes. There are currently nine species of freshwater fish at the Lakes, including Australian bass, freshwater catfish, long-finned eel and carp. 

You must have a fishing licence and are required to bring your own equipment. 
Contact the Regatta Centre for more details about the fishing program and to find out what you need to bring or check the event listing here
The program is coordinated by the Sydney International Regatta Centre and supervised on the day by the Department of Primary Industry 'Fishing Volunteers'. 


Sydney International Regatta Centre
Old Castlereagh Road
Penrith NSW 2750

02 4730 0000

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